It's Time for the NFL to Change

This past Sunday 4 of the best teams left in the NFL played each other in what might have been some of the best championship games the league has seen in a while. This was the first time ever both games went to overtime in the history of the NFL. Only, it was disastrous for the league.

The first game of the day, which was the NFC Championship, featured the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams. It was a great game and the Saints had the advantage the entire time, until 1:45 left in the game. The Saints were driving, and trying to put the game away. The score was 20-20. Nickell-Robey Coleman got away with the most blatant pass interference call of all time, hitting the wide-receiver before the ball even got to him. This no-call forced the Saints to kick a field goal, which then resulted in the Rams winning the game in overtime. Now, the Who Dat nation is outrage. Fans are filing lawsuits, boycotting the Super Bowl, begging the NFL Commissioner, Rodger Goodell, to overturn the outcome of the game.

It's time for the NFL to take initiative on things. The league must make everything replayed reviewed because it is obvious that NFL officials cannot get it right. 

Look back to 2015. Cowboys vs Packers. The Cowboys are driving with 4:49 left in regulation down 26-21. On 4th and 2, Tony Romo throws a lob down the left side of the field to Dez Bryant. Dez caught the ball, then reached out for the goal line which made the ball move. Since the ball hit the ground, the call was no catch.


In 2017, the Patriots played the Steelers. With 3o seconds left in the game and down 3, Big Ben throws a strike over the middle to Jesse James. James caught the ball, reached for the goal line, where the ball moved because it hit the ground. This was not a catch which then resulted in the Steelers losing the game.

These two incidents forced the NFL to change the rules of a catch, but it was too late for the Cowboys and Steelers. The NFL must make everything replayed reviewed in order to have a better grip on the game. These events have caused turmoil in the league and it is time for Rodger Goodell to make changes to the rules.

By Steve Ross